Monday, May 09, 2011

every little helps!

Hello Strangers,
Long time no nothing, hey?
Sorry about that, I promise that I'll keep on promising that I'll be better next time.
Last time I posted, all our possessions were in boxes and a life was up in the air yet again. Since then we have settled in our new home and we're enjoying the perks of living in a village within the insanity that is London. Have you ever imagined that this smelly dirty city could ever have a road like this?
 I didn't! It totally took me by surprise last month when I had to go to the local main collection post office. For a moment or so I felt like I had been transported back to my student years in Farnham! London, old girl you really do have some awesome tricks hidden up your sleeve :)
 Also I had never imagine in my whole time here that I would ever have my own little garden, but guess what? I do now!
Sure I'm not allowed to dig into it (goddam you tenant agreement), but with some planters and a little imagination, I reckon that our patio is becoming a little piece of heaven! (Provided that the neighbor's cat stops lying on our pumpkin seedlings!) 

By now you must be wondering.... But what's with the cheesy Tesco's (British supermarket chain for the non UK residents) one liner title. Well, if you are one of my regular readers (bless you! You're an angel), you might have noticed that every year I like to do something for one or more of my favorite charities.
This year,  Japan's earthquake and tsunami came complete shock. It's one of those countries that is on the other side of the world but, somehow it has always been close to my heart. I love its quirky culture and customs, and a little bit of my heart broke when I saw the images on the tv. 
I gave some money to the Red Cross Japan appeal, but it didn't feel like it would ever be enough so, I felt unsatisfied until I found the Crafts with Purpose page on the Craftzine blog. They were looking for crafters to participate in their Operation Bunny Drop by making simple bunny softies to be given to the children who are recovering from the effects of the natural disaster.
So, here's my contribution. I wish that I could have made more and I know that it would never been enough, but if even one little kid likes them, I'll be a mighty happy bunny :D

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