Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ode to a little dog

Some moons ago in a land not so far way, a little puppy was born on a farm to a mother named Biscuit. The farm hand who was his owner named him Freddy, tied him to a stick and would only give him a little bit of food and some water once a day. The poor puppy suffered in the mid Summer's heat, up until he caught the eye of the farmer's eldest daughter. Appalled by how the puppy was being treated, she started to visit him everyday with treats, fresh water and cuddles. She loved him so much and was so saddened by his plight that she decided to secretly rename him Chouriço and hoped that one day he would be hers.
A couple of months later, the farm hand disappeared with Biscuit and left being little Freddy. Fortunately, the farmer's daughter who didn't live on the farm, was around or else the poor old pup would have been left to fry. Immediately she freed him, gave him a hug and he joined the other farm dogs and lived happily ever after... or at least until a couple of days ago when he was found lifeless under a tree.
Chouriço was a sweet little dog. Not many people appreciated his personality, all they saw was the typical little dog, jealous and a superiority complex with a bark to match. But, he was a sweetheart and loved sitting glued to me whilst I stroked him.
He was extremely intelligent even though most people didn't see it... Only a very smart doggy would crack walnuts and distribute them amongst the big dogs, right? Or lie on the floor on his back with his paws in the air when I pointed at him and in a mock annoyed voice said "ai, ai, ai". He was also extremely courageous (or stupid), as he once decided to attack one of the boxer dogs that we used to have, and my brother and I had to take him off from the other dog's mouth; and very greedy as he loved his fair share of goodies even if he had to steal it from the cat's bowl or another (often bigger) dog's mouth.
Last time I saw him, he looked a bit fragile. Chouriço had been blind in one for awhile and was a bit shaky, but Laura the labrador kept him companied, and although it was hard for me to leave him I know that he was a happy although (sometimes misunderstood) lil' dog., I only wish that I had stayed with him a little longer.
Rest in Peace my little smoked sausage xx     


Nicole said...

How cute. You were very fortunate to have had him. I am sorry for your loss!

Nichol Brinkman said...

Hi, Miaumiau! I am so sorry to come to your blog and read of your loss. I know how difficult and painful it can be so I really feel for you.

In response to your question on my blog, I would for you! I am busy until Christmas, but can I contact you in January to work on it then?

Congratulations----my son was born in Feb too, it's a good month!



MiauMau said...

sounds great to me :)
I just can't wait!


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