Sunday, February 13, 2011

bit by bit

Hello lovely readers,

It has been awhile since I last posted and it will be little while until I post again. As per usual life plays little tricks on us and well… we just have to accept them and move on… Quite literally!!
Our current nest has been put on the market so, we have been forced to find a new one. It's a great place in a lovely part of the city and I'm positive that we'll be very happy there but, we will still really miss "our" little flat on the hill.
We're starting to pack, which means that, I won't making my toys until we're settled, to be honest ever since I heard that we were going to be evicted, they pretty ideas in my head decided to hide and I really don't want to force them out. After all I make toys for pleasure and not because I'm forced.
I'll leave you for now with a little present that I made for my bear. Ever since I started to make toys the has struggled with the idea of them leaving the house, I show them to him, he hugs them and sighs :)
So, this little birthday present was long overdue!

Say hello to our newest flatmates!
the bear...
(who's a sweetheart!)
... and the mini kitty
the bear loves his games!
the bear is a lucky fellow as he sports my brand new label!

I'll "see" you all in a little while!

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Søren Bendt said...

mini kittttyyy!! These are all awesome Sandra!


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