Tuesday, March 17, 2009

mushrooms galore!!

My love of packages and letters started when I first came to the UK in 1995. Nothing made me happier than seeing a little envelope in the post, it was the only way to contact my friends and the cheaper way to keep in contact with my family as I was a very late internet bloomer.
I got everything in the post from chestnuts to socks, and all of it made me feel closer to home and although I love the internet, an email still pales in comparison to a package :)
So words could not describe how happy I felt when I got Sonya's lovely Handmade Mushroom Swap bounty!!!

Here's the inside of the box, it took a lot of control to be able to take this picture instead of just unwrapping everything!!
After many "oohs" and "aahs", I decided to take them all for a walk to the park for a little photoshoot.

Lara's shroomie is just sweet, I just wish that there was an email/blog/website where I could leave a message thanking here for such a colourful lovely.

Kristin's mushroom is just lush in its velvetiness (does this word even exist?)

Now, both Jeanne's (above) and Rayna's (below) mushrooms suffer from the same problem... I cannot keep my eyes off of them or else my boyfriend might steal them as he just loves them!

... and finally Carrie's polkadot lovely shroom, it is so delicate and pretty.

How lucky am I?

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