Sunday, February 22, 2009

cadd aka craft attention deficit desorder

I finally managed to finish my mushrooms for Sonya's swap. I wished I had finished them yesterday as it was a beautiful sunny day alas, that didn't happen so, I ended up with these pictures which are barely saved by the greatness that are the Horniman Gardens near my home and a bit of photoshop.
As I mentioned in the previous post this is my first swap, and it was a good one because, it forced me (and I forced myself) to make the mushrooms look alike... sure one of them escaped the clutches of sameness (that little chappie in the front), but, the others actually lookalike. I feel like I suffer from something like cadd or craft attention deficit desorder, if that exists... I just find it really difficult to make two things lookalike even if I'm following a pattern!
Awhile ago I bought a lovely book about amigurumi, and tried making a tiny bear, by the time I finished it, it didn't look at all like the pattern, it was all enlongated!! I later found out from a book, that after nearly 25 years thinking that I could crochet, I was actually doing it completely wrong. The same goes for the blanket stich, and many other little things that make my softies look a bit odd.
After much soul searching these are the conclusions:
- I love challenges, point to something and tell me that it's too hard, and I'll do it. So doing the same softie pattern isn't that challenging. For example, I'm know in the process of making a soft toy robot and even though I have a perfectly good pattern, tried, tested and that everybody loves, I am actually making something completely different, more sofisticated with joints and the works!
-Although I love my work (I really do!), it can be repetitive having to go through the same shot over and over and over again until the lead/supervisor/higher supervisor (in some films)/director (in this pecking order) likes it. Softies are my escape so, why should I have to repeat the same things?
-When it comes to brainstorming, I don't seem to be able to draw two things that look similar, which makes my softies look more like they are acqaintances than of siblings.
-... the last and the worst one... even though I am a very patient person, I get bored of the same thing easily...
Oh well, at least the mushrooms look similar!


Kirsty said...

Your mushrooms look wonderful! I love them.

Alison said...

I was lucky enough to be one of the five who got one of your amazing mushrooms as part of the swap. Just wanted to say thank you, it is a delightful bit of artistry and I will treasure it. When I looked at it closely I realised that it was all handstitched. wow!

I wrote about receiving the mushrooms in the post "Mushroom Love" on my blog, and included a link to your blog. is that okay?

Alison said...

Oh, and I meant to add, that my five mushrooms that I made were not at all identical, just "similar". I wold find it very difficult to make identical things...

Anonymous said...

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