Monday, March 23, 2009

coraline mystery box swap

I should have blogged this before, I have participated in a second swap just days after finishing my Handmade Mushroom Swap (check the previous two posts to see what I sent and the goodies that I received). It was based on the beautiful Coraline film which still hasn't opened in the UK (how's that for one of the most powerful countries in the world?!) and on these envy worthy boxes that where sent by the artists at Laika to their 50 favourite blogs (lucky buggers).
So when the lovely lady at my little mochi (unfortunately, I don't know her name) decided to start a swap, I just jumped at the opportunity.
Here's what I came up with:

Everything had to be in a box, I found this at one of my favourite places in London, the Camden Market. I decided that all it really needed was some button eyes and a fancy embroidered tag as the box already had so much character (also I destroyed another box with crackling paste).

The inside of the box, it was so sunny that you can barely see what's inside... oopsey... but, isn't the Portuguese cobble stone floor just beautiful, coff, coff (distract people from the nasty picture)

To the box, I added a dragonfly hair pin made out of acrilic felt, gold floss, beads, cotton fabric and tule (is this correct? it's the same fabric as a bride's veil)
To show the next item, I requested the help of my brother's pet labrador Laura, isn't she a great model? She behaved really well, even though you can see the look of disbelieve in her face during the "photo shoot".

Here's a close up... Sure it makes no sense but, it looks fun!! the little dog was made of wool felt and buttons, its coat is made of vintage upholstery fabric and vintage satin (inside),

I wished I had had time to do something more elaborate but, I just didn't have enough time!! Feeling very envious of the lovely boxes that other people came up with and sorry for the poor soul that is going to get mine, but it seems that there might be another coraline swap (and even a graveyard book swap!!) pretty soon, so hopefully I'll be able to redeem myself!

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