Saturday, December 20, 2008


Here's what is left of this year's activities, in sort of chronological order...
This was the last softie that I made for Roz's shop. For some reason the child seems to have grown between the drawing and the sewing stages, maybe that's why each time that I open the fridge it seems to be a lot emptier than the time before :)Last Saturday, we delivered it (and the previous one) to the shop. It was such a pleasure to see all the softies on display... did I say all? Well, the tree was missing as it had already been sold. How cool is that??
The following day, we went to an advanced screening of "the tale of despereaux". It was amazing to see this film in a cinema packed with such talented people and their families, it made the whole experience much more interesting as people reacted in a different way to the normal movie audience due to having worked in it, clapping through out the credits and commenting on their own shots (my big kitchen shot looked impressive, I was so chuffed!).
It was very touching to hear one of the director's (Sam Fell) speeches, where he thanked the families for the great work instead of the artists, for their patience with the long hours, rants and the occasional sleepwalk. I love my job but, it is really hard not seeing bear throughout the day and home life gets a bit chaotic (and smellier) as the deadline looms. I can only imagine how hard it must be for the artists with children...
...and to wrap up this post here is the last softie of the year, a present for someone who really deserves it (and much much more). I hope that she likes it! This was my test softie, when I started braving the ways of the sewing machine and the genesis of my mother and child "series". It was left behind whilst I was preparing the softies for Roz , but I promissed myself that I would finish it in time for Christmas.
I hope that you all have a blessed Christmas surrounded by your loved ones and that 2009 brings the answers to all your prayers and dreams!

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Kirsty said...

Your softies are really beautiful.


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