Thursday, January 22, 2009

my creative space thursday

Hello everyone and a (very belated) happy new year! Does this still count? Or are people already feeling sour about this year?
Well, happy new year anyway...

I must confess that I'm an avid blog reader, and everyday I go through my gmail reader happy in the knowledge that I will find something inspiring. Today, whilst reading Loobylu I found post that will hopefully help me kick my proverbial behind into gear, as I haven't feeling particularly creative. In it Claire mentions kootoyoo's (aka Kirsty) idea of showing her creative space every thursday.
As Kirsty says “Each Thursday I’m going to post an image of what’s in progress either on my desk, in my spot, on the sofa, desktop, at the kitchen table…whatever. If you’d like to play along & find some new blogs along the way then you just need to post & then pop into my creative space post for the day & paste your post URL into the auto link widget…”
So, I joined and this week I'm number 21!! How cool is that?
My photo isn't very impressive, I'm at a stage in the process of creating a softie that's isn't too showey and to be honest, I'm still trying to get my brain around this ultra robot, with extra fancy joints. I decided to use a tool of my trade to create a "3d" version of the toy but, right now I'm not too sure where I'm heading.
Well, do check Kirsty's website and look at the other more impressive creative spaces, but, don't forget to come back next thursday :)

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