Wednesday, February 27, 2008

still alive!

Well... just barely!
This new year (does end of February still count as new?) has been a true roller coaster ride in both my personal and professional life, like always my life seems to be a bit like a Mexican soap opera, only the heroin isn't blond.
It all started in November, a few days after I stopped posting... I know, I know, there's about two or three people out there feeling a bit disappointed that they haven't heard from Miauland in awhile and by now you must be asking yourself what's with the pretty picture included in this post.
... as I was saying it all started in November, when I was offered a layout artist position on the brand new Chronicles of Narnia film "Prince Caspian" at the Moving Picture Company !!! Hurray! My very first job in a major movie!!!
It all happened so fast, I was interviewed on a Friday afternoon and by the following morning , I was already working. It was a bit daunting at first (I even did a little drawing of a hyper ventilating character...), however pretty soon I got used to it and now I can say that it has been hard work but, great at the same time.
There's nothing like being thrown in the deep end of the pool with a bunch of very cool and talented people to learn how to "swim" in this film industry.

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