Sunday, March 02, 2008


Try not to be overly distracted by the beautiful silk that I got for my mum as part of a birthday present (hope she doesn't read this...) , and you'll notice my little handmade character. It was meant to have a teddy bear suit but, it ended up with some sexy y-fronts. I'm happy with the semi-naked version and hope that you'll like it too!

Inspiration isn't always practical... especially if the artist isn't that bright!

The finished product sans bear suit.

He's also has a sexy behind...

... and here's his lovely y-fronts... very manly in all its flowery glory!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sim realmente umas cuequinhas muuuito sexys e masculinas...cof cof...mas o boneco não deixa de estar o máximo Sandra :)
Muitas beijocas da "poca".

P.S.: será que assim já sabes quem é ou tenho que fazer resmas de erros no comentário? hehehehehe


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