Wednesday, November 07, 2007

.... and the tutoring begins!

So, yesterday I had my very first lesson with Stephen (read this post if your not up to date), and I am still digesting it.
The lesson consisted mainly on reviewing the two exercises that he had give me to do previous to the beginning of the programme (if you're morbidly curious, you can find them here). It was amazing to go through them and seeing them in a totally different light, all the little details like the lack of overlap on the arms as the character touches the ground, and slight changes in the pose just to give it a bit more oomph. Now I look at it and think, how the hell did I miss it? But, hey for some reason I'm the one doing the programme and he's the one giving it!
We also talked about the graph editor and the way he uses to give that extra smoothness to his work. Stephen mentioned a really cool tutorial by Victor Navone which, in a way, gives us an insight into the way that they deal with the dreaded splines.
As homework (for no lesson can end without it) I was given a gear change exercise, short and sweet, so that we can concentrate on something that I feel I really lack... polish! Aaaah that fantastic and mind bending Pixar sheen!
I'm really excited about the weeks to come!!
I've already started on this new exercise and I'll post something about it as soon as possible.


Bobby Pontillas said...

Cool Sandra! Any ideas on what you're assignment is gonna be about yet?

Adam Gard said...

looking fwd to seeing the gear!!


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