Friday, October 19, 2007


So here it is, the finished product!! Tah dah!!
I'm glad that I finished this... I was getting quite depressed from listening to her day after day after day...
Hope that you'll like it!

Onto a different subject... I should have mentioned this by now especially as I did found out about it almost a month ago, but my brain has been slowly processing the idea, because it still hasn't exactly sinked it... Nope, I still think that I dreamt about it and that I am going to be really disappointed come november 1st.
You see, I am one of the five lucky people that were selected for the professional animation tutoring program created by none other than Stephen Gregory!!! hurrah!
Ok, ok, so you're not an animation person and you are reading this just because, for some bizarre reason you find my blog amusing, just click on his name and you will find out why I am so excited!!


Bobby Pontillas said...

This is a great looking test! Nice work!

I also was fortunate enough to get selected for the tutorship! I cant wait to see what we're up to!

MiauMau said...

thank you Bobby!!

Adam Gard said...

Hey Maiumau-

I also got a spot in Stephen's program. Can't wait to see both of your work and leave each other some feedback.

Good luck and here's to growing and stretching!


MiauMau said...

that's three of us, I wonder who are the other two?


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