Wednesday, September 05, 2007

lip synch

Hello everyone!
I has been a time since I've posted something done by myself, but now that I have started to revamp my tired old showreel, i will start to post my own stuff more often... (hopefully)
Here's the blocking for a lip synch scene that I'm currently animating, using a line from the film "the hours".

ok, for the non-animators... blocking is one of the several steps that I use to animate a shot in 3d (I say "I" because different people have different methods, mine is based on Keith Lango's as explained in his video training sessions). Blocking is when an animator creates different poses to "explain" her/his main poses (keyframes) for the particular shot that she/he is animating. This particular blocking is a bit beyond that because, I have already added a few more poses called the "main inbetweens", these poses help with the better understanding of how the character moves from one pose to the other.

hope that this little explanation helps!

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