Tuesday, August 28, 2007

slow dancing

I have a lifetime love of dancing, even though I cannot dance to save my life!... a lot of it is due to my own "little" sister Raquel, she is the one that taught me (without knowing it) how hard and special dance really is. Day after day I saw her coming home with aches and pains, and the occasional missing toenail, so tired that sometimes she nearly fell asleep at the dinning table. But, still to me she will never be as beautiful as the moment I saw her stepping onto the stage on her ballet exam date (even though her dress was falling apart!!).
She made me want to see ballets in the front row, where you can see the dancers sweat, hear their bones made odd noises and see the effort that takes to look like a goddess at the distance.
I found this in one of my favourite websites, animation podcast, and thought of her.
See you at christmas, Raquel!!

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