Monday, September 24, 2007

cringe factor

I've finally done something that I should have done a very very long time ago. I've converted my graduation film onto a digital format and out of sheer craziness decided to put it here.
Why craziness?
Well, each time I look at this film it makes me want to cry, hide and not show up for a few years!! Every artist worth his/her salt feels like this about their early work, so you creative souls out there know exactly what I mean!
This film has - though crude looking, especially in this day and age of soft gloriously perfect cg, some good aspects about it, that save it from being hidden away forever in some obscure drawer. I made it all by myself, with my own blood (from pricking my fingers with the tiny sharp scissors whilst cutting a fair few dozens of ickle hands), sweat (from running backwards and forwards between Farnham and London) and tears (when the finally dragged me out off the rostrum room, it wasn't a pretty sight). It represents some of my passions in life, Gabriel Garcia Marquez's beautiful writing, Lotte Reininger's haunting sillouette animation, wonderful classical guitar music provided by the very talented Miguel Mera and sweet narration by David Browne, and in my own way this film is an homage to all of this elements.
Sure it's poor but, at least it is heartfelt and genuine.
So, this is why even though it makes me cry (ooh, it rhymes!) I've decided to share this important part of my life with everyone.


Graphic_Diary said...

Era para ser uma surpresa!
Beijos doces 4u2

Anonymous said...

Olá Sandra,
gostei do teu trabalho.
Visita-nos em
Estamos sempre a necessitar de pessoas.
zé andré


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