Sunday, May 30, 2010

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Sorry for not answering to yesterday's question, well, yesterday! But, I had to work (yes Tom, it's your fault. I know you're reading this! Just kidding, it's Harry's fault)
You might have noticed that I cleared away nearly all of the links in my "great people, studios, etc, etc..."
section. I felt that most of them didn't really relate to this blog anymore, especially as MiauMau has turned into a more crafty blog than an animation blog (although animation will always be present!!).
I thought that an interesting way of introducing to you the links/blogs that make me drool with happiness (now, that's an interesting image!) would be to create a "Link Mad Sunday"! Each Sunday I'll present you with two blogs/websites that I love, these posts will be divided into four questions:
Who is the artist/studio?
How did I find him/her? (If I still remember)
Why do I love it?
Where can you find them?
... and after the post I will add them to the link list so, that once more it might grow fat and plump with beautiful people, studios and ideas :)
Without further ado...
Welcome to the very first "Link Mad Sunday"!!! (Wow, how exciting is this?)

Who? Christina Conway, curator and graphic designer/ illustrator.
How? I found her blog through a flickr search about kokeshi dolls, where I discovered she curated an exhibition with the collaboration of several really cool artists.
Why? What's not to love? Her blog is filled with great links and ideas, and those kokeshi dolls are just a dream.

Who? Jamaal Bradley, animator at Disney.
How? I found Jamaal's Pencil Test Depot through the ever wonderful Cartoon Brew website
Why? This blog is amazing resource of pencil tests, just look through it an drool. From Milt Kahl to Akira, there's no better way to looking into an animated film's soul.

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