Tuesday, December 29, 2009

when a cup becomes something else

I hope all of you had a lovely Christmas, mine was spent merrily eating away to the point that the bear stopped being able to tell time and was unsure if we were having lunch or dinner, but I digress, there is a point to this post, a purposeful point, a truly unbroken pencil point*... Basically, I'm trying to warn you that if you are not ready for a full blown rant and were expecting a cute toy, you might as well avert your eyes right about now as things are going to get a bit well, sour.
I love giving presents, it really makes me happy. I painstakingly dwell on what is perfect for each person just for the pleasure of seeing people's faces light up as they open them. So, this year I wasn't totally happy with the present I had for my brother, sure it was cool, but it just didn't feel like it was enough. To make amends with my tortured soul, I decided to get him something else and as we walk into the shop, the bear found the bestest present ever!! Kudos to him, he's the best :) It so was my like my brother, that I bought it on the spot.
Lo and behold what I bought...

A Fisticup, even the name was cool! I loved the way it turned an evil weapon into something peaceful and relaxing.
Armed with my perfect presents, I started packing but, between my family's and the bear's family presents well, there was just not enough space in our big to be checked in luggage so I decided to place some of the presents in our carry on bags, amongst them was the fisticup, which at this point in the post, I want to remind you, that in my mind (and in anyone who sensible and sane) is just a cup with a funny shaped handle.
We got to Gatwick in the afternoon (note to self: never fly with easyjet again), happy with thoughts of Christmas when we're told by security that some of the presents had to be rescanned. Three where chosen and amongst them was the my brother's present (remember this, it is just a cup!!)
The security guard then proceeded to opening the wrapped present and took it out of its box. The bear (being a kind curious soul) asked if he could touch the cup just as we hadn't see it out of the box. The security guard wasn't happy with that and looking distressed said to the bear that he was not allowed to touch it and called two other security guards to examine the (and I cannot stress this enough) CUP!
There we were looking at these three men deciding the fate of my brother's Christmas present, when the first guard turns to us and says that the CUP was going to be apprehended even though it was an all ceramic CUP (yep, the handle wasn't even metal!). He said that we might break it and threaten people with the handle!! I don't know if any of you kind readers actually know me, but I'm a 5'2", peace loving gal, I don't pose a threat to anyone I don't even like violent films or games and the scariest thing about the bear is just the fact that I call him bear!
In the face of such a statement, I said what I thought was the most logical thing that came to my mind. "By that definition, if I get any old mug, break it, turn it into a weapon and threaten people", "Oh no" said the guard, "This one is much more threatening!"
Therefore the CUP was apprehended as a weapon and because, it was considered a prohibited object, I wasn't given neither a compensation nor the cup is going to be sent to me :(
I was so extremely heart broken, it might seem like too much of a fuss over nothing but, it just made me sad.
How crazy is the world nowadays when something as innocuous as a cup gets apprehended as a weapon? I guess that the terrorists really have won, if you're into that kind of panic driven state of mind where all common sense is just thrown out of the window.

* based on one of my favorite Blackadder quote "Madam, without you, life was like a broken pencil... pointless."


urban craft said...

this is rad. Nothing says badass like brass knuckles with your black coffee.

Canadu said...

It's not all that bad. At least they didn't tazer you when they were taking the cup away.

LissC said...

That really is a shame. My mom (a grandmother)bought some candy when she was over seas. She had no idea that inside the unopened box of candy was a little mini hammer that was used to break up the candy. They confiscated it.

Meanwhile a farmer accidentally gets onto a plane with dynamite and is never stopped, questioned or anything. (True Story).

Shame they took your cup. And unfortunately they (airport security) have become arrogant with their knowledge that there is nothing we (the everyday citizen) can do about it.

Søren Bendt said...

what could possibly be more dangerous than this? You can burn people with steaming hot coffee while smashing razor sharp ceramics all over them. and maintain a perfect grip, ready for the next victim!

Too bad you didn't have any hot coffee ready at the airport.


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