Saturday, November 29, 2008

the concept behind the madness

Oh yes, there is some (sort of) structure to my insanity, and I thought that it would be interesting to share it, so from now on I will be adding the concept drawings to the posts with softies. Think of it as a little trip inside my head :)So, here's how I started, just a little scribble on the side of my notebook at work (done whilst waiting for a render). I tend to only have two steps before making a softie, a quick sketch like this followed by a pattern made in freehand. The construction issues sometimes are solved during the pattern stage but, most often than not, I fix them while making the actual softies. I very, very, VERY rarely make prototypes as my work tends to consist only of one off versions. Sometimes it goes well, others, like a fish that was left half done and that is still waiting in softie purgatory, are left behind as I seem to have a very short attention span :P
... Well, here's the softie!

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