Monday, May 05, 2008

about a mouse

You might have noticed by now that my life is a bit (coff, coff) chaotic. I finished work on "Prince Caspian" (go see it!!! it opens in the US on May 16th!!! Not too sure about other countries... it only opens here in June) in March, had a tiny winny break and started my current job still in March , oof... No rest for the wicked!
I've started working on "The Tale of Despereaux" as a technical animator, and man, I must tell you it looks absolutely beautiful!! The team working at Framestore is really excellent and you can see who is doing the voices just by clicking on the picture. Be impressed, very impressed!
I will post the trailer as soon as it comes out, but meanwhile here's a "Prince Caspian" trailer.


Brown said...

Hi there,
Wow, its been a while since I last checked your blog. So much catching up to do.
Congratulations on all the great things that have been going on in your life.

Graphic_Diary said...

Dear, just stop by to say:
ou como ainda se diz por cá:
Beijos doces deste teu gemeniano

maria.leonardo said...

como sou marinheira de primeiras aguas no teu blogue, digo-te que gostei muito do teu trabalho. mas hoje mais do que tudo gostaria de te dar os parabéns pelos pelos 31 anos. um grande beijinho da mena


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