Wednesday, March 12, 2008!....

... so, how did I get dragged into something like the race for life?... Everyone that knows me, knows that I'm not the sporting kind but, the way things are going... well, who's life hasn't been affected by cancer even if it is only indirectly?
When I was little my great-aunt Isabelinha died of colon cancer, I remember the last time that I saw her laying on a hospital bed the day before she died, her beautiful hair gone and replaced by wig. I try to remember her as the happy go-lucky lady who used to take me for long walks in the woods in front of my uncle's home, and she could have carried on being if it hadn't been for the lack of knowledge about cancer at that time.
Cancer Research UK makes a difference in many people's life everyday... so, why not help?
Just click on the little box underneath my profile picture and give us all a hand!

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