Saturday, April 14, 2007

Vasco Granja and Frédéric Back

Vasco Granja at his home

Hello Everyone!
I know, I know, it has been a long long time since I last posted, but, if you have read the post from March 22nd, you will know that I have said fairwell to my little country and moved to London. So, I have been (pardon my French) bloody busy with all of the work/house/transport/account, etc, etc arranjements (by the way I'm starting on Monday, wish me luck!)
However, I saw something on the internet that touched me so much that I couldn't not resist taking some time out of my hectic schedule just to post it for you.
I grew up loving animation especially because of one man, Vasco Granja. Even though he wasn't an animator, he loved animation and above all he loved showing and talking about it. Mr Granja had a great tv show which started in 1974 and lasted 16 years.
Although I really loved his shows, I only realised the importance of his teachings when I started my BA in Animation, where all of the artist that I was told that I should idolise seemed to me strangely familiar and somehow made me feel at home.
Duh! I had seem all of them on Vasco Granja's shows, I (along side a very lucky portuguese generation) had had one of the most varied and great animation education possible, without even realising it!

Frédéric Back's "The Man Who Planted Trees"

One of the animators that I fell in love whilst watching these shows was Frédéric Back. His film "All Nothing" (1980) haunted me as a child and "The Man Who Planted Trees" (1987) totally blew my little 10 year old brain.
So, you can imagine how happy I was to find out that one of my favouritest (is this even a word?) as a website? And believe you me, when I tell you that this is a great website, with precious little bits of information and films.
For you, non-French readers don't feel left behind, as the English version of the website will be available from April 18th!!
As always I have Cartoon Brew to thank for these great news!


Anonymous said...

Então a menina foi outra vez de abalada??.....
Espero que tudo corra bem e mesmo não tendo tido muito contacto neste ultimos tempos,estás sempre presente no meu coração (MEU DEUS que lamechas!!!...a idade não perdoa...)...e agora podes começar a corrigir os meus
Lembras-te?...então apanha os bilhetes :)
Miaus e Beijocas para ti.

MiauMau said...

Demorei um bocado a aperceber-me quem seria esta pessoa anonima... Dona Poca!
Nao te escondas.

Graphic_Diary said...

Parei por aqui, apesar do atraso, só para dizer:
Happy Birthday!


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