Wednesday, March 21, 2007

my toons

I think that I have mentioned before in this blog, that I am a very hard person to please, however, once someone or something cracks through my tough shell I am all soft and gooey inside (we all are, quite literally) and full of praise.
YouTube was a major internet breakthrough, yet for almost anyone who animates and likes to show their personal work online, knows how utterly crap it can be. Not only the quality can be quite gruesome but also, many times the sound doesn't sync. So what is the point of showing a lovely (for example) lip sync if it looks crap and out of sync?
My boyfriend found this fantastic website the other day, not only it is a whole new world of animation it but also, it uploads and streams beautifully, and most importantly the animator's hard work (and believe me when I tell you this, animating is a lot of hard work) looks great and syncs properly.
Hurray for MyToons! You've got my vote!!
(now, if only I could finish my animation)

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doc said...

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated! :)


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