Thursday, March 22, 2007

life as we know it...

Dear friends and strangers,
If you're a regular visitor, you will know that I don't tend to used this blog to pour my heart out, I'm not really into "virtual" blabbing about my life online!
However, this is a special occasion and what the hey, with so many sad news in the world, why not share something good?
I was privileged enough to be born and live a big chunk of my life by the beautiful Arrabida mountains and its beaches, and once more I will be waving goodbye to them pretty soon.
Why leave such a beautiful place?
Me and lovely bear got jobs in London!!! Hurray!! After such a long time waiting and struggling we finally got it!!!
As a proper Portuguese, I am extremely happy to go, it is a pleasure and privilege to finally get proper work as an animator (hey, animation is my life, you should know that by now) yet, it will be a bittersweet farewell, I sure am going to miss my family and my moutains.
So, more for myself that for others, here are some pictures to remind me that home will always be there for me.
It's pretty but, nothing beats a great job and a warm bear!!
P.S: Can I just say one more extra gushy thing?
I am so proud of my boyfriend for getting his brand new job at Framestore CFC, he really deserves it!
Love you, bear!

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