Wednesday, February 28, 2007

presenting MiauMau

Hello everyone!
Here's a few drawings from my latest pet project... It is a bit of a "self-portrait", in a certain way it is more of a alter-ego, pretty much like Clark Kent and Superman. Basically if I put a pair of glasses on and change my hairdo, I should look something like these pictures!!
Ok, enough silliness. These drawings represent the 6 basic facial expressions: Happiness, Hanger, Disgust, Surprise, Sadness and Fear, they also include the basic phonemes* that are used to do lip sync in 3d.
Hopefully, I will be able to show you the full 3d model pretty soon. Right now, Miaumau is still under construction and with the help of my bear and MacGio (a friend of ours, check out his website), this little kitty will finally see the light of day.

*Here's a little something something for you guys out there who either want to learn a bit more about 3d character animation...
If you have looked through several book about 3d animation you will find that they tend to use more phonetic blendshapes than the ones that I mention in this post. I tend find those unnecessary, they just seem to confuse me even more, and to be honest (in my point of view) don't really help when I'm trying to do lip sync, especially if I have to do it quickly.
It is better to keep it simple!
As Robert Browning used to say, "Less is more"

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