Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lost projects

I was rummaging through my computer and found these drawings that I did awhile ago. They are concept drawing for a project that me and my bearfriend (check out his blog!!!) were concocting together.
It was called "Orson & Steve" and it was about an old obese chess playing Persian cat fighting against his owner brand new birthday present, an annoying and hyperactive chihuahua for Polly's affection. One of the interesting ideas that we had on this project was that each one of us was going to only animate one of the pets (I was meant to animate Orson and Ricardo would animate Steve) allowing our different animation styles to shine in that way.
If you are curious about how we got to these exact names for our short stars, well... We were looking for inspiration everywhere, and we stumble across the notion that Orson Wells towards the end of his life started to look like a fat Persian cat (don't mean to offend, I love the guy, he was a great master) so, we started to look for a chihuahua like real life actor and Lo and behold we got to Steve Buscemi (again I don't mean to offend, he's one of my favorite actors, but he does look like a chihuahua!!)

So, am I right or am I right?
Just click on the image above of Polly and the gang, to take you to a set of pictures.


sandra ferraz said...

So, are you´re really starting this project again. Great.Just don´t forget to post the development, since i´m looking forward to it.

MiauMau said...

I won't be returning to this particular project,I just love the pictures so much that I had to post them!)

Leon said...

Hehe, they do look like the stars.

I just published your listing. Thanks for submitting it.

MiauMau said...

thanks Leon!)

Strawberrysurf said...

Orson Wells looking like a fat persian and steve buscemi the chihuahua.. Haha.. I can't agree more!


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