Wednesday, May 17, 2006

my totoro obsession

In the first year of my BA course, our classical animation tutor Steve Roberts (yes, I'm naming names, and it is his fault) made the unfortunate mistake of showing us a scene which had a little girl and a bizarrely huge cat/bear like animal waiting for a bus in a dark forest... I was immediately hooked!!
The animation was so subtle and beautiful and the subject matter so strange that I was lost for words (believe when I say that that's very unusual), so you can imagine how heartbroken I felt when he said that that tiny clip was all that he had... I later on found how how really hard it was to get my hands on this beautiful film.
It took me 6 years to finally track it down and watch it, I was so amased with it. It was even better than what I remembered, unfortunately the dvd wasn't mine and I had to (begrudgedly) return it to its rightful owner.
In my opinion, this is the very best film that studio ghibli ever made even though it is much much more modest that their later films("Spirited Away" comes in at a very close second place) so here is a little picture from it and the best website that I found about this wonderful film.


Brown said...

I love tonari no totoro, the catbus scene is just insane. I have the soundtrack playing on endless repeat :D

MiauMau said...

ok... and I thought that I was obsessed!


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