Saturday, November 20, 2010

this little piggy

The second commission that I got was to make a little piggy for someone who's pig crazy. I had an idea to make something like this for awhile so I was really happy to start working on this project.
The piggy is nearly all hand stitched and just to make it even more special, I knitted a little pink vest for it.

I apologize for the crumminess of the photos, but it's winter and I need to ask father Christmas for one of these.


Eu... said...

Só tu sabes o porquê da minha parva lagrima de "imução" no canto do ver um porco....
Beijocas e oinc oinc da tua poca.

P.S.:para matares saudades...corrige lá...

SchwarzE said...

I was the Pig crazy recipient of this little piggy! It was an amazing Christmas present! Thankyou so much for taking up the commision! My pig has pride of place- and is greatly loved!


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