Saturday, November 20, 2010

bunnasaurus rex

Long time no post!
I know, I know, and I could just start spouting out excuses but, instead of that I'm going to give you lovely people 4 posts in one day!! How amazing is that? Are you lucky little souls, or what?
So, I've been working my proverbial sock off in my little sewing corner and I must say, although it has been tiring I'm actually quite chuffed with what I'm coming up with (I'm oh, so modest)
One of the latest toys that I made deserves a little bit of explanation...
Awhile ago, whilst talking with one of my of my little work buddies, Soeren, I drew a dinosaur on a post-it and stuck it in his monitor. Cute, but nothing especial, it needed something more, so we added some bunny ears*
All of the sudden that little doodle made sense (at least to us)! Bunnasaurus was born, but it deserved more so I added a little crown and made him a Rex :)
A few weeks later, Soeren announced that he was leaving and I though that I should make him a departing gift and that how Bunnasaurus Rex jumped from squiggly form to plush!
Bunnasaurus Rex is made from felt, cotton and beads. Just to make it even more personal, I embroidered the signatures of everyone in the team on his back, using Avalon (a cold water soluble transparent material) as a template. A word of warning, when I washed away the Avalon, the felt shrunk!! Luckily, I managed to salvage all the hard work, phew!
  Here's  picture of everyone... plus Jorge... coff, coff, he's everywhere, can't seem to shake him off :P

*long story short, Soeren is an amazing artist, and I used to destroy his work by forcing him to add bunny ears to all of his fancy drawings... can't help it!!  

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Guerilla Embroidery said...

quite simply inspired, great work!


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