Saturday, August 21, 2010

oh lucky me!

I must confess that I'm not a big circus fan, to be honest just the word brings shiver down my spine. It reminds me of scary clowns, children crying and old toothless animals. Don't even get me started on Cirque du Soleil! All that jazzy hyper sophisticated over bloated and over shiny hollow fest just leaves me cold (also they treat their artists appallingly and underpay them).
So, when we were invited to go to le Cirque Invisible show
(a traveling contemporary circus which some credit as a source of inspiration for Cirque du Solei) I didn't really have high hopes for it, I thought that at worst, we might suffer for two hours but, good company and dinner would make it all better.
I am so glad to say that I was completely wrong, le Cirque Invisible is the sweetest, most whimsical and magical of shows and no words can describe how utterly happy it made me feel. I came out of it with an aching face from laughing and numb hands from all the clapping. Fronted by Jean-Baptiste Thiérrée and Victoria Chaplin (one of the Charlie Chaplin's many children) they'll be at Queen Elizabeth Hall in London until August 25th.
Don't miss it!

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Gaby said...

Olá Miau Mau

A um espectáculo desses também eu gostava de assistir mas aqui nesta parvalheira apenas vejo o mar.
Beijinhos da mãe do Urso


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