Wednesday, April 21, 2010

hugsy the bunny

So, I've been a busy busy bee and I'm hoping to show you the results from busy bee-ness pretty soon (i.e: hopefully this weekend).
Along side my super secret project (stop asking... I'll tell you all about it soon, geesh!), I have also made a little bunny for a little baby that is (for now) still in the oven :)
I started with a concept during a lazy afternoon...
 et voila! This is the end result!
It isn't as round and perfect as the concept drawing and my photo sucks, but this softie has proven to be a success. Firstly, my boyfriend didn't want it to leave the house (I had to promise his that I would make him a bear version!), then everyone I showed it to seemed a bit reluctant to give it back. It is just that his bunny is extremely hug-able!!
I think that that tiny kid is going to have a friend for life in Hugsy :)


brikebrok said...

fun !

JenPB said...



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