Thursday, July 23, 2009

still here, still crafting

Hello everyone!
Sorry for taking such a long time to write again, but time passes by so quickly that well... A girl only can do so much! My Everyday May was a total failure (must remember to put the banner away). At least, I have finished the robot, sure it was several months late, but, the receiver liked it, actually I guess he loved it as he walked around the studio, going from one meeting to the next with Issachar the robot in hand. Another happy costumer, I guess :)
Here's some photos so that you can appreciate the final "product"
I also joined in the Summer Swap organised by the lovely Kristen from Schmancy (check out her website, it is the best) and got partnered up with the very talented Kim from Golden Dove Design (check out her cute totes).
Now, I must confess that I am an obsessive present giver... I really am, it gives me such a kick to get the perfect gift (or at least to try and get the perfect gift) and the whole unwrapping and seeing the person's reaction it just makes me happy! It could be worse... I think...
I got an email from Kim saying that she got the package yesterday, and my cockles warmed from all the happiness... Must do this swapping business more often!

So, when I thought that things couldn't get any better, they did!! Lovely Kristen (have I told you what a nice lady she is, yet?) posted this, asking for help in creating a Plush You plush sign for the up and coming exhibition and I just jumped on board, knowing that she would be inundaded with emails. Who wouldn't?
But, as the old Portuguese saying goes "Quem não arrisca, não pestica" (He who doesn't take a chance, doesn't get a taste), I thought "Why not?". It wouldn't be the first negative answer that I would get in my life, nor the last (in matter of fact, I used to collect rejection letters from all the studios that I applied to, however eventually I binned them. It was too much negativity in just a little folder) but, I would always regret not sending the email, and guess what?
I'm making a "U" for the sign at the Capital Hill exhibition!!! Hurrah!!!...
Righ now, I'm feeling a bit shaky, but, I have already design what I believe will be just about the coolest "U" ever :)
So, stay tuned as a lot more will be coming your way!


urban craft said...

oh, I adore your robot. Looks super complicated to make, great job!

MiauMau said...

thank you so much! I took me a long time but, I think that it was worth it :)

Bluebottle Art Gallery said...

your U arrived today - super cute! Thanks Andrea


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