Friday, May 22, 2009

Museum of Folk Art Protest

Most of what I write in this blog doesn't quite have much substance, but once in awhile I like to share something that is a bit more serious.
I first read about this on Rosa Pomar's blog...
For the non Portuguese speakers here's a little translation:
"On May 17th 2009 in front of the Museum of Folk Art (Lisbon, Portugal), volunteers joined together in embroidering a giant Lovers' handkerchief* as a protest against the replacement of the said museum for the Language Museum"
The Museum of Folk Art has been abandoned and closed for many years, it contained the most important collection of Portuguese folk art (amongst it some of the most beautiful Portuguese embroidery pieces)
All I can say is that I am saddened for not having the opportunity to join the protest.
(translation of the sentence in the handkerchief : Museum of Folk Art, without you what will I become. You want to turn me into something else, one day you'll regret it)

* A Lovers' handkerchief was a traditional present made by a girl to give to her boyfriend as a "forget-me-not". Part of their charm is their atrocious spelling and grammar mistakes . Nowadays, they are very rare and sell for all of money

1 comment:

Frizz said...

what a beautiful protest...sad.
i love your king embroidery. i'm itching to embroider myself.


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