Friday, March 02, 2007


Not the actual spice but, the new anime film directed by Satoshi Kon! Apparently it was made last year but, it is only going to get an American release on May 25th.
So, when are the rest of us poor suckers going to get a look of what appears to be a great film?
For now, just have a look at the trailer* and their official website and drool!

*By the way, tell me what you think about the interesting little quote that appears in the trailer by one of the film critics from the New York Times, it goes something like this...
"Evidence that Japanese animators are reaching for the moon, while most of their American counterparts remain stuck in the kiddie sandbox".


Walter said...

Movie looks cool. And that quote? Well, let's just say it looks like one of those anologys that politicians and sports coaches come up with. One that almost makes sense, but isn't quite there.

MiauMau said...

Thanks for your comment, Walter, I really appreciate it!
There is a lot of very cool animation being made in the US, both for younger and older audiences. Unfortunately, most of the stuff being made for adults doesn't really come out into the main stream, so only animation geeks (myself included!) really get to know and appreciate it. It just seems that the Japanese have a more balanced outtake on animation, as they publicize anime for adults as much as they do for kids.
Imagine the kind of stuff that never comes out of Japan?


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