Tuesday, May 09, 2006

links and etc...

Do keep an eye on the links that I'll be adding to this blog as often as possible, there are (and will be added) some true golden nuggets of the precious kind (as opposed to the nasty frozen kind, blargh!) for you folks to enjoy!
Amongst them you can find my showreel (for some reason the link from the "by the way" post that I did before isn't working) and the link to my special bear of a friend and highly talented animator, Ricardo Silva, and etc, and etc... Another etc will be added once I add some more links!

1 comment:

Numloch said...

Hi there MiauMau, found your blog from CGCHAR.com out of coincidence I too have started a blog this month. I am starting out on the road to CG animation land and was wondering if you would like to share links to our blogs? Also any advice you may be able to lend me along the way would be greatly appreciated.

P.S.Love your sketches such grace!



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